Online Casino Tournaments

Explore the exciting new way for you to compete against a rapidly-growing pool of players. Use tournaments lobby to choose your favorite online games, play with others, track your progress on a real-time leaderboard and win our divine rewards from a prize pool.

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Sit & go





Simple rules that can help you to participate in one of our tournaments:


Once you have planned to take part in the online casino slot tournament, you'll need to make a buy-in. But note, registration usually ends an hour prior to the tournament beginning. Still, “Sit & go” tournaments work differently - there is a possibility to register any time and it starts only when enough players join it.


You also can participate in online casino freeroll tournaments, the once that don't require any buy-ins. We strongly advise you to keep an eye on free online casino tournaments and not to lose this divine opportunity!


The players are awarded powerpoints for all your winning combinations. Your and your opponents’ points are indicated at the leaderboard and they are updated after each win. Those points are credited for any bet made with real funds so the player earns them even while playing free online casino tournaments.


Tournaments usually have certain limitations considering the stake size. Always remember to remain within these limits! Otherwise, the spins that will cost less or more then it is defined for this tournament simply won’t be counted as tournament rounds.And remember that a higher bet amount is not a guarantee that you will collect more points in case of winning. Points calculation formula is based on the correlation between bet size and win amount which means that player betting 3 credits and winning 30, will receive the same amount of points as the one betting 200 credits and winning 2000, as multiplier between bet and win is 10 in both cases.


The total amount of rounds is equal to the number of spins that are credited during an online casino slot tournament to a player. If there is an option, the number of rounds can be extended with the help of re-buys.


Certain tournaments allow you to make some re-buys. This cool option is available after you will spend all the rounds and as long as there is still enough time left for you to participate.